Monday, June 8, 2009


-Spring Quarter finals
-my freshman year at Stanford University
-crew season
-a year living in Roble with three great roommates
-nearly six months away from my family

I finished finals Saturday afternoon, while some of my roommates still have yet to begin.

My Sunday, for once, was not packed with homework and studying, but instead packed with much more fun events.
The Stanford Openweight Women's Crew team had our end-of-year banquet as a brunch at the boathouse yesterday. Rog made a fantastic slideshow recapping the entire year, from the first day of practice to the winning of the NCAA Team Championship . . . oh yeah, I should say that the Women of Stanford are National Champions! Yaz handed out the "oarlock" awards for leadership, potential, inspiration, most valuable, and most improved. The 2008-09 captains "retired" and the new ones were named and given their first tasks as leaders of our team. We also got the chance to watch the "cox-cams" from the NCAA finals in each boat which was a treat, to say the least.
That afternoon, Laura and I went into the city and had the perfect evening with an old neighbor and her fiance. We listened to some live jazz in a little bookstore before going back to their apartment/house/thing and talking and catching up while supper was in the oven. Not only was the meal fantastic, but the conversation was as well. I completely lost track of time but we still made it to the BART and the Caltrain for the last trains home. It was the perfect almost-last-evening at Stanford for the year.

Today was pretty basic, running errands, doing laundry, cleaning, and finishing up the last of the packing. My uncle picked up all of my stuff to store over the summer, so it's pretty much just me and my two suitcases left here. Leaving campus around 5:30 am headed for the airport!

I can't wait to be home with family and friends, but it's sad to realize that I won't see my roommates and hallmates every day, this summer or next year.

Oh well, time to go home!