Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter :(

If I have ever felt anything close to being "homesick" it was today.

Easter has always been a family day for me, and this was my first holiday without any family around.

My team was great today, though. We all met this morning at the gym and split up into our sides to hide eggs for the massive team Easter egg hunt. It was a really fun way to just relax after a long week with people who had gone through the same stressful week as I had.

Laura and I laid in my bed reading Shakespeare (for IHUM) and doing some other miscellaneous homework for most of the afternoon. Then we went to Mass together, another Easter oddity for me.

The two of us grabbed some supper and I got to talk to most of the family on the phone; I was passed from person to person around the house. Now we are at the stacks of homework in my room and will be until we both go to bed.

It was a day spent with friends. I definitely can't complain about that, it just would have been better to be with family as well. Maybe next time?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wow! Someone is coming to SoDak to see me!

Sorry to make this so short, but I really need to get some sleep . . . practice in the morning :S

Spring Break went by uneventfully . . . all I did was row, and row, and row, and sleep, and row some more. I also had the first 2K races of my collegiate career!

The new quarter is under way. I am taking a lighter load this quarter, with only Modern Quests, the Rhetoric of Dreams, Spanish 2A, and a lecture series on Race & Faith.

The exciting news, and main reason for this hasty post, is that Mikayla (my roomie) bought tickets tonight to come visit me at the end of summer break, stay with me for more than a week, and then we are flying back to school together! I can't wait for everyone to meet her back home!