Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Card

Yes, we are "those roommates." We made a little digi card to share our Christmas spirit!

Wrapping up the quarter

Finals are almost done (I have one more on Friday).
My room is covered in piles of clothes in the process of being packed.
The emails from Yaz about training camp are almost hourly.
Mikayla and I are going on mad cleaning sprees as study breaks.

Yep, Autumn Quarter at Stanford is almost over!

I had a final last Thursday and two this past Monday and will take one Friday morning. All my projects were due last week. It's really almost done.

I fly out with the team first thing Saturday morning for "Fun in the Sun" a.k.a. winter training camp in Tempe, Arizona and will be there until the 21st.

The 21st through Jan. 2nd will be spent at home, bouncing between Mom's house, Dad's house, friends, and relatives. I just hope the weather cooperates and I don't get snowed in again like last year since I have less than two weeks to catch up with as much family and as many friends as possible!