Friday, December 5, 2008

Things I've realized...

A short list of things I've realized since I've been here:

-the words "hella" "tight" and "legit" can be used in any and every sentence, and can be used together in the same sentence (That's hella tight and legit.)
-it's apparently okay to say "like" twenty-seven times in one sentence...
-I have been californianized and am going to die in the South Dakota winter when I go home next week
-being from a farm is unique
-varsity athletes at Stanford sell their life for the school's Nike contract
-in my dorm room, I'm in the minority by being white
-our yellow boat (the Kwak) was flown here from Germany and the shell alone costs around $48K
-having callouses on my hands from working on the farm has kept my hands from totally falling apart rowing like everyone else's
-I don't like math
-it's not a week at Stanford if you don't see naked people running around
-primal scream is really irritating when you've already been asleep for two hours

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dead Week

Stanford University is now officially in "Dead Week" which, at most schools, means no classes and no new material, but here it means new classes, new material, papers, and sometimes tests.
At most schools, "dead" in dead week = nothing to do.
At Stanford, "dead" = literally dying from the insane amount of problem sets, papers, projects, and tests due this week on top of classes and "optional" practices.

Besides the fact that I'm dying this week, life is pretty wonderful. I will be home in something like 11 days and I can't wait!
Before that though, I have a project, a paper, and two exams to take...wish me luck!

Since it's been awhile since I last wrote, I will replay my Thanksgiving break in fast-forward for you! We had an entire week off, so it went something like this:
sleep, eat, watch movies with Mikayla, work out. repeat for 3 days. go to Fremont with family for three days, same pattern exempting the work outs. come back to campus, repeat previous pattern for two more days!
It was a very relaxing, unproductive break, yay!

The day before break I had what felt like the best row of my life thus far. Four of us (and Joanna) went out in a four that Friday morning for our last row with Katie as our coach. I had stroked a four the day before and done terribly, I don't deal well with a coxswain in a big pink puffy coat right in front of my face; but that day we went out in a bowloader (the coxswain is in the bow of the boat rather than the stern) and I stroked the boat and it felt amazing! I was pulling hard and I was consistent and I was relaxed and it was just an overall incredible morning!