Thursday, March 12, 2009

South Dakota Summer!

I just found out yesterday that I'm coming home for the summer! I'm so excited to get to spend this summer back in South Dakota.

I need to figure out work for the summer, but hopefully that won't be too difficult.

I hope it will be a summer filled with old and new friends, fun in the SoDakota sun, showing at the fairs, and enjoying time with family. Not to mention, it will be my only time off from rowing. I know I'll miss my team and will be looking for a way to row at home, but it will be nice to be on my own for workouts for a little while.

Right now the thoughts of the summer are carrying me through Dead Week and finals more than the idea of Spring Break. That is probably due to the fact that my Spring Break will actually be Spring Training Camp with the team, getting ready for our first weekend of races at the end of break. My entire break will be nothing but rowing and sleeping. At least I'm in California, so I should be able to enjoy a little bit of sunshine both on and off the water, and maybe take a dip in a fountain!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This quarter needs to end!

I can't wait for this quarter to end in a couple weeks.

It's not just because of the video presentation, three paper revisions, oral presentation, play, oral exam, project, and finals I have in the next week and a half.

This quarter has been amazing, but my [genetic] clutziness has really shown through. I got in a fight with a spin bike, and lost, leaving gashes and bumps on my leg still.

Then last week I got what some of my friends call a "flesh-eating virus." I had a hypersensitivity reaction to - my doctors think - the tape remover they used on me in the training room. It took a couple different creams not working to decide that this was going to take something pretty strong to clear up. They finally gave me some pills that seem to be taking care of it!

At practice this morning I was walking the boat down the ramp to the docks, it was raining, the dock was slick, and I actually bit it on the dock. I managed to keep one hand high enough in the air that I kept the boat from hitting the ground, but the quick motion tweeked my knee a little bit. Nothing major, it's just outrageous that I fell walking down the dock . . . and fought with a stationary bike . . . and had a rash take over my leg when they were trying to make it better.