Thursday, January 22, 2009


Don't worry, I'm not depressed or anything, I was just reading an email that said something about crying and all of a sudden there were lines in my head I just had to get down...some parts are kinda cheesy, it's just a rough, so bare with me...

Tears of joy, tears of fear,
tears of longing,
year after year.

When life has you down
and you're hurting inside,
let go and drown;
all that pain,
disappointment, and grief
are not all you contain.

Tears of old, tears of new,
tears of life,
my journey with you.

Sometimes it's too hard
to always be right,
we wind up scarred;
free your heart,
your mind, your soul, your self
make it all a new start.

Tears of struggle, tears that empower,
tears for strenth,
when things go sour.

This place can be cruel,
knocking you to your knees,
feeling a tool;
life goes on,
we wake up tomorrow,
to face the new dawn.

Tears for you, tears for me,
tears for the world,
set us all free.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yay school!

As of right now, I'm happy, I'm enjoying my classes, and I'm the 11th-ranked Starboard on the team! How much better can the beginning of January get? Oh yeah, it was also over 70 degrees yesterday.

This quarter I'm taking Spanish; IHUM Epic Journeys, Modern Quests; Introductory Seminar: Antigone; and Sleep & Dreams. So far my IHUM seems pretty cool, which is more than most people are saying about theirs. My intro sem is great, there are only five of us in the class and it's basically just a discussion on literature for two hours at a time! The two hour chunk of time actually goes quickly for me in this class which is incredible! The professor for Sleep & Dreams is the same man who discovered/invented REM sleep, but I am convinced that he is certifiably insane. Class is a hoot, he tells all these totally irrelevant stories and squirts people sleeping in class with squirt guns before giving them bonus points!

With sleep & dreams we have to do what is called a "sleep project" which is basically keeping track of when and how much you sleep, as well as how well and alert you feel at certain intervals during the day. I was already making a conscious effort to sleep eight hours every night beforehand because of crew, but this project has helped me realize how happy I am again now that I'm sleeping enough! I actually learned something from the crazy Dement!

I pulled my first 8k and my first test at all for Yaz on Friday afternoon (right before snow trip). It was painful and incredibly difficult, but it wasn't as terrible as I had expected. After each test, the rankings are redone by your finish and by your side [of the boat]. I am "bysweptual" meaning that I row both sides, so Yaz has now turned me into a Starboard for ranking purposes and I'm ranked 11th!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

White Christmas, Brown New Year

After Thanksgiving recess came dead week and then finals week: the downpoints of any college student's existence. I made it through my first Stanford finals alright and it was time to go home for the first time in three months to see my family for Christmas.

To say I had an uneventful trip home, though, would be a stretch...My friend John/Gym took me to the San Jose airport, arriving there around 5:20 am for my 7:08 flight. I went through the "easy check-in" right away, noticing that my flight was already delayed by over two hours. i waited in the line with the other Denver passengers to check my bag and luckily was at the front of the line. When they announced that the flight was on a mechanical delay of at least 4-6 hours, the ticket agent booked me onto another flight...this one out of San Francisco. I hopped in the shuttle (a.k.a. really small mini-van with six very large people in it for 45 minutes) and made it to SFO, got checked in, and got on the plane on time. After we had been sitting at the end of the runway for a few minutes the captain came on the intercom saying that they couldn't get the left engine to turn over and that we would need to return to the gate to have mechanics look at it. All of us sat in the airplane waiting while the starter was changed and finally took off, only about 2 1/2 hours late...Once I made it to Denver I was supposed to have a three-hour layover, but because of my habit of breaking airplanes I only had about twenty minutes to get to my next gate. That flight went on time and I made it to Omaha a few minutes early!

When I got home that evening it was about 55 degrees, but when I woke up the next morning it was 0 and decreasing quickly and never made it back into positive temperatures for the first three days of my visit. In that time we had Grandpa Gene's funeral and I just spent time with friends and family. Our "heat wave" that week brought us up around 15 degrees one afternoon! My last/only weekend at home was spent snowed in after a blizzard bringing not only snow, but temperatures in the -20s with wind chills as low as -47.

Christmas Eve was spent with my dad's family, Christmas day with Mom and Jay and his family, and the next morning it was time to head back to the airport.

My flights went off without a hitch. I made it back to San Jose, met Mikayla at the airport and got to the hotel where we repacked and got ready for the early morning. We loaded the bus with about half the team and headed for the airport.

I have now been in Tempe, Arizona for five days and still don't quite know what to think of it...I was just getting used to things being green in December at school, and now everything is brown!

Our New Year's Eve was spent with a supper for the team at Kerry's family's gorgeous house in the area and then at the Tempe Town Block Party where we got to see Styx perform.

Training camp has been very intense, but I'm really glad I've had this experience. The workouts can get crazy, but the moments over supper or in hotel rooms are irreplaceable.