Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brand New Year

The new quarter officially started yesterday, with the first classes, first practices, and first "official" team meetings.

Mikayla and I got to campus Friday and worked on settling into our apartment - and stocking it with groceries! - over the weekend. Our pickup full of stuff came in last night, so it is still a mess as we are trying to decide how best to organize everything, while still making it to classes.

Apparently I have a death wish, as I am taking 20 units this quarter. All my classes seem like a lot of fun, so hopefully it won't be too terrible. I'm taking Psych 1 (Intro to psych), Psych 60 (Intro to developmental psych), Psych 147 (basically teaching preschool), CS 105 (Intro to computer science), and sign language.

We had our first watts test of the year this morning, and we have our big 6k on Thursday, so practice is crazy. We are up in numbers right now, even though most of my class quit over the summer. I think I am going to be hosting a recruit this weekend too!

My only other news is that I am auditioning for two of the campus a cappella groups this week for fun. Mixed Company is kind of a pop-based group, while Harmonics is the rock group on campus. I'm not too concerned with how they turn out, but friends in the groups asked me to audition, so I figured I might as well give it a try!